Peer Review of Content

Peer review is an important process to ensure the quality of the papers submitted to INTI Journal. All papers submitted to INTI Journal are subjected to inspection of the experts from the same or related fields, to ensure the relevance of the content to the scope of publication of INTI Journal. In this process, comments from experts, including the suitability of the content, originality, novelty, and presentation are given to the authors to improve their papers before the publication. INTI Journal exercise the double-blind peer review process to our best to ensure fair editorial decision in the publication process. All the experts who serve as reviewers have the right to accept or reject a submission based on their own decision. INTI Journal, by the recommendation from the reviewers, will either publish a paper without revision, publish the paper after the revision by authors, or reject it from the publication in INTI Journal.

Plagiarism Statement

Plagiarism is an act of duplicating or taking other authors’ work, which has been produced and published before, and claiming to be one’s own work. Plagiarism is considered unethical and should be avoided at all costs.

INTI Journal takes plagiarism as a serious violation of publication ethics. We reject any type of plagiarism, in any part of the paper published in our journal. Therefore, all the corresponding authors should make sure the papers submitted to INTI Journal is free from plagiarism elements. Submission of a report from a plagiarism checking tool is highly recommended upon submission of the paper. A non-plagiarism declaration is obligated upon the submission of the final draft to INTI Journal.

If a paper submitted was found plagiarizing, it will be rejected by us. Even after publication, if we found disputes on plagiarism or discovered elements of plagiarism, we will remove the paper concerned without prior notification to the authors.

The corresponding author should submit a similarity report together with the paper upon the first submission of the paper. The paper with the similarity of < 20 % will be considered for publication in INTI Journal. The similarity report should be generated by trusted and licensed software, such as Turnitin and SafeAssign.

Other Misconduct

Besides plagiarism, publication misconduct might include citation manipulation, data falsification, fabrication of information, undeclared conflict of interest or any ownership, authorship and patent issues. All the misconduct report should be sent to the editor’s email for further investigation. For all the cases, INTI Journal will seek opinion from an independent reviewer.

INTI Journal has the right to withdraw / retain the published paper any time after the publication of the paper, without prior notification.

Open Access Statement

Open Access allows free access and the use of contents published by various sources, which promotes visibility, readership, and sharing of knowledge and information online. INTI Journal provides an open access platform to all authors and readers. We will not impose any readership fees or any restrictions to access our contents. All papers published in INTI Journal are permanently deposited for online access by Tan Sri Abdul Majid Library, Malaysia.

License Term

All articles published in this journal are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License (CC-BY-4.0)

Copyright Statement

Copyright defines the ownership of the contents published in INTI Journal. As an open-access journal, the copyright of the papers published in INTI Journal belongs to the producers of the contents and authors of the papers. Authors are allowed to share, publicize, reprint, or use the paper published in INTI Journal freely, as long as the ethics of publication and integrity of the contents are maintained. All the intellectual properties produced from the papers published belong to the authors. Authors are allowed to deposit all versions of their paper(s) published by INTI Journal in any institutional or other repository of the author’s choice without restriction.

The readers are allowed to share, reprint, or use the papers, or contents taken from the papers published by INTI Journal, with clear and proper citation, where credits are given to the authors and the publisher (as stated in CC-BY: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).

Before the paper publication, the corresponding author has to sign a Publishing Agreement Form to give INTI Journal permission to publish, distribute, publicize the paper submitted by the authors.

Consent and Privacy Statement

Human subjects of a study should be made known to the usage of the information taken from them. Consent from the subjects of a study, especially in clinical and medical research is essential in publishing related information. INTI Journal requires all authors to declare the consent given by the subjects of study wherever necessary.

The privacy of the human subjects should be kept to safeguard their rights. INTI Journal therefore will not be under any circumstances, publishes sensitive personal information, such as national identification number, social security number, email, or phone number of the human subjects in the study.

All papers with the personal information of human subjects will be rejected. In additional to that, information that reflects discrimination on genders, regions, or ethnicity will be rejected.

Personal Data Protection Statement

INTI Journal recognizes the importance to protect the personal information of authors and institutes. Serving as an open-access journal that currently requires no publication fees, authors should not, under any circumstances provide sensitive information, such as national identification number, social security number, bank account number, and credit card number to the editorial board of INTI Journal.

Identification of institutions, however, might be requested whenever required. We will fully comply with the personal data protection act and will not tolerate any deed of leaking of any sensitive information of the authors and institutes to the external party.

Fee of Publication

INTI Journal is currently managed by INTI International University, Malaysia. The repository of INTI Journal is currently managed by Tan Sri Abdul Majid Library, Malaysia. All the management and publication fees are currently sponsored by INTI International University and Tan Sri Abdul Majid Library, Malaysia. Therefore, INTI Journal imposes zero publication fee on the authors.

Frequency of Publication

INTI Journal is accepting rolling submissions from authors. The submitted paper will be published and make available online in 2 – 4 weeks after the submission of final draft (after the reviewing process) from corresponding author. We are publishing one volume per year.















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