1. INTI Journal is an open-access peer-reviewed multidisciplinary journal. We accept paper submissions from different disciplines. Currently, we are accepting contributions of research and review papers from authors.

2. The submission has to be original, and not under consideration for publication elsewhere.

3. All document has to be prepared as MS Word document. Submission in other formats will not be accepted.

4. Research paper is limited to 5 pages excluding references. The content has to adhere to IMRAD format, and the whole paper submitted should contain abstract, introduction, methodology, results and discussion, and conclusion.

5. Review paper is limited to 7 pages, excluding references. The content has to adhere to the topic of discussion.

6. The references have to be relevant to the topic of the submission. Authors are advised to use the latest references in the paper.

7. All the figures and tables should be embedded in the MS Word document. Please refer to the template for more instructions.

8. APA format should be used for citations and references. Please refer to the template for more instructions.

9. Recommend at least 2 reviewers. The reviewers should not come from the same institution as the author and co-authors. The recommended reviewers should be able to provide critical comments to the submission.

10. Authors are required to use the template provided to prepare the paper. The format of the paper should not be changed under any circumstances.

11. All submissions will go through a double-blind review process which usually will take 8 - 12 weeks, depending on the availability of the editor and reviewers.

12. All papers must be submitted electronically.


Template for submission: 


Please download the template:

Template for INTI Journal Submission  Word.doc

 Email to the Editor-in-Chief if you are not able to view the template.


Reference Style

APA Endnote Reference Style


Publishing Agreement and Ethical Declaration:

For all the papers published in INTI Journal, the author(s) should accept the Copyright Agreement as below:

1.   The copyright of the paper published in INTI Journal belongs to the producer(s) of the contents and author(s) of the paper, as described in CC-BY (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/).

2.   All parties are allowed to share, publicize, reprint, or use the paper published in INTI Journal freely, if the ethics of publication and integrity of the contents are maintained, as described in CC-BY-4.0.

3.   All the intellectual properties produced from the paper published belong to the authors.

4.   INTI Journal owns the publishing right of the paper. INTI Journal and INTI International University have the right to reproduce the paper in other forms, and use the paper for publishing, publicity, marketing, and promotion purposes, without prior communication with the author(s).

5.   In the case of using the contents published by INTI Journal, proper citation and reference should be stated clearly in the source the publication material produced.

The author(s) should ensure the ethical declaration are fulfilled:


1.   Author(s) listed in this paper have made a substantial, direct, intellectual contribution to the work and should take public responsibility for it.

2.   The paper contains work that have not previously published or not under consideration for publication in other journals.

3.   The paper contains no ethical issue. All the possible conflict of interest with any party has been clearly stated.

4.   The funder(s) of the research project which enables the publication of the paper has been given acknowledgement in the paper.


The corresponding author or representative is obligated to submit the Publishing Agreement Form together with the final draft before the publication. Email to the Editor-in-Chief if you are not able to download the form.





Sample of Publishing Agreement Form





Sample of paper











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