Comparison of the Effects of Task Oriented Balance Training Versus Blindfolded Balance Training in Patients with Parkinsonís Disease

Sudha N. and V.Rajalaxmi


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Association of Musculoskeletal Pain with Poor Quality of Sleep Among E-Gamers in a Private University in Malaysia

Leong Yi Zuang, Sumedha and Jim Brown Clements


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Distribution of Rare Earch Element (REE) in Mangrove Surface Sediment by Nuclear Technique

Kumar Krishnan and Elias Saion


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Impact of COVID-19 on Caregiver Burden among Parents of Differently Abled Children: A Survey

Ramya Chandran and Jagatheesan Alagesan


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The Level of Awareness and Practice of Supplementary Training among Non-Professional Ballet Dancers

Lim Lily, Sumedha, Vinodhkumar Ramalingam and Sangkar Nath


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The Status and Prospective Study of Tongue Diagnostic in Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chong Teek Foh, Wong Kim Tian and Yong Yii Pin


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Coccydynia and Disability on Postpartum Vaginal Delivery Women

Vishnu Priya, Jagatheesan Alagesan and Dasarapu Indrani


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Palm Oil Fly Ash (POFA) as a Cementitious Material in Biomass Concrete: A Feasibility Review

Yoong-Kee Yong and Hoong-Pin Lee


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Potential Study of Applying Traffic Congestion Index to Stimulate Property Price Changes

Azhar Azmi, Sangeetha Arjinan and Siew Chong Chan


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Historic Building Information Modelling (BIM) According to BIM ISO

Siti Azira Abd Rahim, Noor Hayati Ismail, Nurul Syala Abd Latip, Nurulhuda Ahamad, Mohd Amir Shazwan Hashim, Farhana Mohd Zaini and Sangeetha Arjinan


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Barriers of Applying Building Information (BIM) According to BIM ISO

Kong Sio Kah and Ho Ming Qin


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Capabilities and Challenges of Mobile Computing in Construction Industry

Kong Sio Kah and Leonard Leong Jun Jie


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Impact of Digital Media Usage on Preventive Behavior among Young Adults

Karen Sabina Freeman, Chan Pee Ven and Revathi Sagadavan


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Identification of the Phytochemicals in Passiflora edulis f.edulis and Passiflora edulis f.flavicarpa

Poornima Jeyasekaran and M.Deepa


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Factors Determining the Customersí Intention to Purchase OTC Products through E-Pharmacies

Krishnadas R. and Renganathan R.


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Ceropegia juncea Roxb.: A Review

Bhuvaneswari M. and C. Chitra Vadivu


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Effects of Cry Protein Based Diet on the Intestinal Motility and Histopathological Changes in Male Albino Rats

Arpita Rani Khamrai and Tanushree Tulsian Samanta


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Science and Quality Education for Sustainability Development in Libya

Mahmoud M. Dboba, W.Astiata and S.P. Bindra


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Customer Satisfaction on Public Transportation in Penang, Malaysia

Sobanah Dhevi Tharmalingam, Sai Mei Ling, Vikniswari Vija-Kumaran, Kalai Vani Kalimuthu and Suresh Nodeson


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Android Application for Managing Urgent Convalescent Plasma Blood Request for Covid19 Treatment

Olid bin Nasir and Deshinta Arrova Dewi


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Reducing Risks and Enhancing Security and Privacy in IoT-based Health Monitoring Application using Blockchain Technology

Chitra Batumalai, Malathy Batumalay and Chelsey Chang Yin Hang


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Design and Implementation of Online Examination System for a Higher Educational Institution

Larry Nyamupanemunda and Deshinta Arrova Dewi


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Adoption of Internet of Things in Water Drinking Reminder System

Ng Hui Xin, Malathy Batumalay and Rajermani Thinakaran


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Monitoring Social Distancing Compliance Using Image Processing Algorithm

Lai Yi Lun and Deshinta Arrova Dewi


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E-Learning App Using Image Processing, Detecting, Ranking andProgress Monitoring for Preschoolers

Yap Choi Sen and Minnal Kumar A/L Sathiyamoorthy


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Virtual On-Premise Shopping System with Face Recognition Authentication

Yap Choi Sen and Cheng Chee Chen Dandy


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Class-based Digital Attendance Management System with Computer Vision

Ifeoma V. Ngonadi and Sunday Ajiroghene


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Combined Body Weight, Abdominal Strengthening and Breathing Exercise for Post COVID LSCS Women

Dasarapu Indrani, Jagatheesan Alagesan, Prathap Suganthirababu, Dubba NagaRaju and Vinosh Kumar Purushothaman


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Causes and Solutions of Construction Crane Accidents in Malaysian Construction Industry

Kong Sio Kah and Ku Ze Fung


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Effects of Property Construction Cost Increase during Covid-19 Pandemic

Kong Sio Kah and Yang Xinrui


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Performance of One-Stage of Multi-Stage Flash System

Abdolreza Toudehdehghan and Esraa Ashraf Sadik Hassan



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Indian Labour Laws are undergoing a Paradigm Transformation

Adhikary Sudipta and Banerjee Kaushik



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The Analysis of Urban Farming Potential in Port Dickson for Food Security amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Noor Atiqah Binti Sanudin, Mohd Yazid bin Mohd Yunos and Emran@Zahrin bin Mohamad Taram


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Cellulose Nanocomposite Fabrics with In-situ Generated Copper Oxide Nanoparticles Using Aquilaria Malaccensis (Agarwood) Leaf Extract as the Reducing Agent

Sathia Lingam a/l Valan, Alice Escalante De Cruz, Patricia Jayshree Jacob and Sinouvassane Djearamane


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Chemogenic Synthesis of Chromium Oxide Nanoparticles using Sol-Gel Method and its Potential on Pancreatic Lipase Inhibition

Shi Yan Cheah, Lai-Hock Tey, Mohammod Aminuzzaman and Akira Watanabe


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Photosynthetic Microbes as Bioindicator for Nanoparticles in Aquatic Environment: A Review

Carolyn Foo Zi Yan, Tan Yeong Hwang, Wong Ling Shing and Sinouvassane Djearamane


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Potential of Microalgae for Biofuel and Food Production

Tan Yeong Hwang, Chai Mee Kin and Wong Ling Shing


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Good Health and Well Being: Discussion from the Perspective of TCM on Post COVID-19 Symptoms

Yong Yii Pin, Heng Aik Teng, Wong Ling Shing and Leong May Ho


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Effectiveness of Global Posture Re-education and McKenzie Technique in Non-Specific Low Back Pain

Senthil Selvam P., Vinodhini R., Vinosh Kumar Purushothaman, Ambusam Subramaniam and Rajkumar Krishnan Vasanthi


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Converting Agro-Ecological Waste into Potential Substrates for Cultivation of P.ostreatus

Lim Jia Hui, Geetha Subramaniam, Nabil bin Sanusi, Cheng Wan Hee and Wong Ling Shing


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